30 September 2007

Ladyboy P4P in Singapore

Following a number of questions about LBs in Singapore here’s some updated information on where to find them and how much to pay for pleasures of the flesh:

1 S$ is about US$0.67, LB - ladyboy, ST - short time usually 2 hours
. Orchard Towers – (pic above) opposite the Hilton Hotel in Orchard is where you get the crème de la crème of ladyboys. Here you can see as many as 30 ladyboys. LBs start work from about 8.30pm nightly at 2 pubs, Romeos on level 3 (all ladyboys) and Crazy Horse on level 4 (GGs and LBs).
The ladyboys are from Thailand and some local. Lady drinks cost S$20, happy hour (up to 9pm) draught S$6. Crazy Horse also has a pool table and some pole dancing by GGs after 9pm. Strategic spot is in front of the pool tables where you can watch the LBs come in.

You could also walk around the 2nd floor where some LBs have their dinner and have their hair done before they start work and pick them up. Prices of LBs range from S$150 to S$250 for a short time. Weekdays, past midnight is usually cheaper than Saturday 9pm for example. Hotel is extra, S$20/$30 for 2 hours. Taxi taken at the side of the building is official, S$10 max. If you’re led to a waiting taxi at the front of the building, facing Hilton you’ll get fleeced e.g. S$30 for a 5km ride. If your hotel is around the area just walk!

Other nearby spots – Some local ladyboys and GGs hang out in front of the Hilton hotel and Forum shopping Centre across the road and beside Orchard Towers, Palais Renaissance and sometimes as far as the Isetan department store.

2. Geylang Lorong 16 – Ladyboys appear after 9pm at extreme ends of this road. Best selection after 11pm. Ladyboys from Thailand, Singapore and China. Mainly pre-op they price themselves at S$40/½ hr. S$60/1 hr. for locals, ST room at S$6. and S$10. 2 Hotel 81 hotels on Lorong 16 also provide ST rooms at S$20 for 2 hours. ST rooms are clean with attached bathrooms and some with mirrors on the walls. Non locals expect to pay 50% more for LB services. On some nights you can see as many as 20 ladyboys in total. It’s a very busy street and area, so if you don’t want to be seen, don’t go. The Geylang area has as many as 500 female prostitutes incidentally and covers about a dozen smaller roads.

3. Rowell Road near the 24 hour Mustafa department store in the Little India area – (Good shopping at Mustafas by the way) This is real budget class however some ladyboys here have posed for asianshemalesxxx.com . The pre and post-op ladyboys are found on the ground floor of shophouses 9, 31, 61, 79 (the best). You get Malaysian, Singapore and Thai ladyboys. Locals are charged S$30 for 20 minutes. You do it on the premises in little cubicles about 6’x 9’. No attached bath. Hey! What did you expect for 30 bucks!

4. Changi Village – Local Ladyboys appear after midnight at either the car park behind the 7-11 store or further down closer to the hotel. Some good lookers. You need a car a)as your room is the car! b) it’s near the airport. 30 bucks for BJ/FJ

Or you could go there with a cab or bus no 2, and do a deal and take a taxi to town.

Other places – not suggested if you’re in a hurry. Clarke Quay, near the bridge that joins Boat Quay around midnight. Sometimes Bugis Square.

Escorts on the netvicesisters web site if you need privacy, asking prices S$250 to S$400. Yes it's more, but they tend to be better looking, offer added services and sometimes intelligent conversation. Note that some also walk the streets and photos can be deceptive.

Also note that when you take an LB off the street, do be careful of your mobile phone, wallet etc. Thieving incidents have been reported.


Anonymous said...

Wow didnt know that prices at CV are only $30 for BJ/FJ, I thot prices used to be $50 for FJ and $30 for BJ...this is the only place in Singapore where I havent tried LBs...no vehicle that's why...

Another place with LBs (post-op) is Petain Rd Hse 7 and Hse 9...Hse 7 got one at the end of the room, $30...Hse 9 got 3, $20...however, all lousy service and not good looking, not recommended...

Incidentally, Crazy Horse is opened/owned by my friend's family...but never actually went in to hook up with LBs due to the price...

Bro Desker

Anonymous said...

Use to be Excelsior Health Center was the place for LB masseurs. For economic reasons they had to convert to a normal HC.

If they have read the forums, they would have known that there's a market for LB lovers.

Anonymous said...

Also check out http://singapore.craigslist.com.sg/ers/

Lots of filipino pre op ladyboys post there. They are mostly in town for a couple of weeks and work out of a hotel in Geylang or Ballestier area. They ask from $200-400 but you can talk them down to $100 if they like you. Most will only go with expats. But there are some nice ones to choose from!