24 September 2007


Gentlemen and ladyboys, welcome to Dick Rick's ladyboy blog. Here suggestions for both ladyboys and ladyboy fans will be posted. I will define ladyboys as transsexuals from South East Asia, although the term ladyboy was originally used for transsexuals from Thailand.
This is a blog which is not for the faint hearted nor narrow minded. It is certainly not for those below the age of 18 or whatever the age of consent is in your country.


2WayStreet said...

Good work, Bro, this will certainly give us LB lovers a chance to Q&A and make our personal opinions.
Three Cheers!!!

Anonymous said...


We would appreciate it very much if you could find a way to post photos of LadyBoys (both from S'pore & outside S'pore) on your blogsite

winston said...

Hello Rick,

How are you?

This is Thomas!!!
Man you rock.

I am so happy for your site being available.

Finally, there is a site for us

guys seeking a relatiohsip or

interaction with Asian ladyboys.

Your information, thoughts and

comments are well constrcuted and

are extremely helpful.

Thanks so much.

I really wish there could have

been this type of site and

oppotuinity about twenty years


It would have saved me so much

misery and pain!!!

Please continue to post girls who

maybe seeking guys okay?

That is a big help!!!

I hope I can e-mail you again

in the future wityh som good news

to having found a nice ladyboy


Have a great year!!!