25 September 2007

Saddest part of a ladyboy's life

I plucked this from a thread in another site.
A Filipino ladyboy was describing her distraught state when she broke off with her boyfriend.
She admitted to being a hooker and said that ultimately he only wanted the relationship for sex.
In a roundabout way, she asked whether it was possible to a have a real soul mate, somebody to love her as she was.
There were a number of consoling replies, mine included, that told her the time was not right, she would ultimately find her man etc.
But there was one reply that stood out. He told her in no uncertain way:
I'm not sure how your relationship started or ended.however it was probably a very physical one. Physically attracted couples who's main component is sexually charged rarely ever works out in the long run.
I'm not writing to feel sorry for you or give you shoulder to cry on.neither of these actually helps you in the long run. If you choose to be a hooker it will be very hard to find a man who will give all of himself to you, as you never really give all to him.You leave nothing sacred nor special for him. So the saying goes you make your bed you sleep in it.
Harsh words perhaps but is it not the truth?
My own take on this is, from the guys point of view, the ladyboy can see, meet and even sleep with whoever she likes all in the name of her job.
However, when it's the guys turn, there's big trouble if he even were to have a drink and chat with another ladyboy. Please note that I am talking of some ladyboys and not all ladyboys.
To be continued...


Frances said...

Welcome Dick, to the world of Blogging, enjoy the ride, bye now.



liisawinklergirl said...

if there was a set of rules set before the commitment then i think there would have been no knee-jerking, soul-wrenching and plate-throwing incidents but if the connection was vague and did not specify certain things from the very start then someone's heart is always bound to get broken....
if the guy said the commitment would be just physical and not emotional then he obviously makes it clear that there are two doors....she may choose to be with him for the physical commitment or refuse to commit...plain and simple...but apparently from what i see there was no such clarity to begin with so...the devastation on her heart...

Anne said...

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