29 September 2007

So what are ladyboys?

I've highlighted one instance of the saddest part in the ladyboy's life. So what is a ladyboy?
Originally the term ladyboy actually referred to transsexuals from Thailand, but over the last few years has been used to describe those from other parts of Asia. They are basically men who feel that they've got the soul of a woman but got the wrong body. Apparently this discovery takes place in their pre-teen years but the person has been restricted in expressing himself because of the difficulty in the transition stage and how society views such people. In general people are not used to the idea of this gender confusion. The traditional thinking has always been to be one or the other sex.
What adds to the confusion is that a large number of ladyboys don't go for the complete sex change. They retain their manhood for a variety of reasons. Some seem to be valid. A lack of money for instance. It's estimated that a complete sex change, breasts, sex organs, buttocks and the never ending supply of hormone pills costs between US$50,000 to US$100,000. No small change in any country and it's no wonder that they go for the quick and big bucks of selling their bodies.
However some don't change over completely as they still enjoy sex as a man! Here is the paradox because their partners are other men! There are a number of men that enjoy being sodomised and seek willing transsexuals to fulfil this pleasure. So the concept of homosexuality now arises. So, on the surface, it would seem that transsexuals consist of two sub groups - those that genuinely want to be full fledged women and those that harbour some desire to be women but then desire sex with man. I have to say here that some transsexuals don't actually enjoy sodomising another man but do so because of the financial rewards.

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Anonymous said...

Some good clarifications on the definitions of LB bro dickrick!

I read fairly widely on transsexualism and has these few points to add in addition to what bro dickrick has already explained:

The two subgroups that bro dickrick mentioned can be broadly catogorized into transsesuals and transvestites.

Transsexuals are men with a soul, psychodynamics, mentality of a woman and who desire to remove the penis and transform into a woman physically and mentally.

Transvestites are men who have fetishes about cross dressing, but do not have the psychodynamics or desire to remove the penis. They can go to the extend of making body enhancement through surgery, but ultimately do not wish to remove their penises.

In the medical reality, a psychologist is able to differentiate between a transsexual and a transvestite by going through an extensive questionnaire regarding their sexual psychodynamics and how insistence they are on removing the penis.

Like Bro dickrick said, the distinction between this 2 groups are blurr; mainly because we can have transsexuals who dont have money yet to remove their penises, which can be mistaken for a transvestite, and transsexuals who keep their penises as a working tool to serve willing customers for financial rewards...

Yup, thanx bro dickrick for starting off with this topic! Good spring board for other discussion. Hope other bro can also join in the talk!

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