29 October 2007

First Timers

I've been asked by curious first timers who've seen pictures and movies about ladyboys and feel ready for the next big step - having sex with one!
Generally, the build up to sex is the same as with a girl. The petting, caressing, kissing and perhaps the slow stripping of clothes. And then of course comes receiving the BJ, which is usually heavenly as most seem to have the patient technique of getting you up. Then comes the tricky part, especially if it's a pre-op transsexual, how do you reciprocate? Or should you?
In my humble opinion you should try. After all, sex is best if both parties enjoy it. So you could start by gently rubbing it whilst you're at the petting stage. You normally get some form of hardness in spite of their hormone intake. And if you're up to it, when it's your turn return the BJ, perhaps by following the similar style you've been receiving. (If you're not comfortable, being your first time, then go to the next part).
Then follow up, as you would with a girl, by working your way up towards the nipples slowly using your tongue to tantalize that sensitive area and then around the neck area and ending with a deep French kiss.
Then, the moment of truth, the entry to the rear! Ah! This has to be gentle. (Always use a condom, don't be a bloody fool!) Push it in with gentle strokes and then go faster until the moment of sheer ecstasy!
I've obviously shortened the whole process and left out other juicy bits and you probably have a different sequence to me but the point is, it's identical as having sex with a GG, except for the last rear part! Also, mentally, you've got to take them as the opposite sex or else it's going to be an uncomfortable experience.

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