15 October 2007

G spots in anal sex

Following up comments on the G spot in anal sex. I've asked an expert and apparently there is no specific spot when pleasure is felt. It appears to be a case of "getting it" with something of a size that you're comfortable with. As others have noted the pleasure increases the more often it's done. I would assume the pain decreases as you get used to it! Comments?


Anonymous said...

so bro have u tried it out urself personally??who' the expert u consulted lol..anyway,1st,i'd like to clarify tt i'm NOT gay but den again,i like the idea of doing the anal n recieving it. the pain doesnt go away, juz tt u'll get accustomised to it. and u'll gradually wun mind the pain. once something is up ur ass, u feel kinda queer, uncomfortable and different, but after awhile u'll grow to like the feeling.secrets lies in the part of going in slow den leave the ting in for awhile(u'll need sometime to get use to it.)once u pass that stage, tt is wher heaven descend upon u..haha..try starting with a finger den slowly increase to 3-4..after tt stage,that is where u'll start to crave a dick in u..try it out and enjoy guys..

liisawinklergirl said...

frequency breeds pleasure...the more you do it the less painful it gets and the more pleasurable it becomes....pleasure and pain will be inversely proportional in the statistics of anal sex....:P