02 October 2007

Just to digress slightly...

A quick thank you to Fransexual (hope you're enjoying your holiday in the States), bros desker and 2 way Street for the comments. A blog is always more interesting if it's a dialogue rather than one person going on and on.
Yes, I completely forgot that you can get post op transsexuals at Petain Road, which is a stone's throw from the Farrer Park MRT station. House no 7 and 9 but as I'm told they've seen better days. I do believe they were from Johore Road, where in the 70s transsexuals plied their trade.
And yes, I think some pictures would be nice. Thanks for the lovely contribution, 2 way street.
Let me work on this. Have a nice week ahead everyone.


Anonymous said...

Thanx for all the sharing bro dickrick.

Hmm fransexual is an interesting person...read his blog...

Daily post would be quite difficult, overtime it may become a hassle and just reduce your interest and excitement to post new stuff...

So my advice, take it slow and easy...as you said, it's for the fun of it:) no need to committ too much effort into it...we all appreciate your efforts thus far!

bro desker

Anonymous said...

Way to go re change of blogname! Good choice words, bound to cum up in searches. Congrats. BTW what did you do with dickrickblogspot?

Frances said...

And then there's someone like myself, not many of us, a career Transsexual.

I had the choice to be whom and what I now am, it had nothing to do with XY chromosomes or the wrong body, I simply found it an attractive and exciting thing to do.

Though I must say, I never thought it would ever go this far; that’s serendipity for you.