20 October 2007

A Tribute to Liisa Winkler

After pursuing ladyboys for the better part of twenty years, I've come across all sorts of characters.
By and large ladyboys in the P4P business are remembered for negative reasons. They seem to have a one dimensional mindset and driven by a cold business acumen; which is to be expected.
However, in my time, I have come across a few ladyboys in the P4P field that actually have warmer qualities as well. Empathy, humour, sensitivity and intelligence spring to mind. And it is with delight that I made an acquaintance with one Filipino ladyboy who has a generous helping of these qualities...
Liisa Winkler , ladyboy extraordinaire, whom as she puts it:"loves to explore her mind and wants to share her thoughts and her insanity to people who can tolerate a different side on anything that moves our world." Extraordinary indeed but at first she comes across as just wild, uninhibited and ready to do anything until you have the chance to meet her or read her blog. Then you see the quality!
As a person she's, of course, very pretty, thoughtful, humorous, shy at times and is capable of a very intelligent conversation. A true pleasure to spend time with.
Her blog is a fascinating blend of humour, mild raunchiness, entertainment, sadness and thought provoking comments. She's also got this ability to take a mundane subject and transform into something you then take a fresh perspective of. Quite fascinating.
It just leaves me to wish my very good friend Liisa a very Happy Birthday and all the best of wishes ahead.

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liisawinklergirl said...

thank you Mr. Dick RIck for the tribute....

to be honest my blog started out as an emotional diversion at the loss of my myspace account due to hackers and never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that it would incur so much traffic throughout the months....

now it seems tributes like these make me grateful to myself for conjuring the blog up and of course i am thankful for your support and love for me and my blog

winkler girl