05 November 2007

Bad Experiences with ladyboys. To tell or not?

A good number of the guys who're into ladyboys will have assorted experiences of their paying for pleasure. It's sometimes reported in forums and sometimes it isn't.
My take on this is that if you've had a bad experience with a ladyboy you should say so.
Let's be fair, it wasn't for free. Granted, it may not have been much but it isn't just the money it's the time and cum wasted.
But, what is a bad experience? To me it's the ladyboy promising something; whether it's the amount of time, a certain action we wanted, bad hygiene or just a "couldn't be bothered" attitude. For example, there was once when I allowed a ladyboy to answer her phone, (out of pity, fool that I was). Just after the act, she says she has a customer waiting and there was still some 15 minutes left and I didn't even have a chance to wash up! That was the last I saw of her, good as her previous experiences were!
On the other hand, there are times when a ladyboy, whom you previously had good experiences with, just isn't as enthusiastic. I would tend to give her the benefit of the doubt. Some haven't had good sleep, they may have had bad news or their hormone medications are acting up. They're trying to earn a living after all and sometimes it's humane to just keep quiet.
As usual, just my 2 cents.

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