25 November 2007

Contacting "working" ladyboys

Contacting "working" ladyboys, aside from approaching them in person, is at best a test of patience and at worst a sheer waste of time. Try sending an SMS or worse an e-mail, to one and you'd be lucky to get a reply. This is especially so if you do not know her. Even if you do know her for a period of time it's no guarantee that a reply is forthcoming. It is frustrating if you have a genuine need to contact her and even more so if you're recommending a friend to her and need details.
Or, if you're a true friend to her and want to inquire about her well being it's almost akin to "waiting for the cows to come home".
In their defence, after all let it not be said that I do not look at both sides of a coin, they could be engaged with an important customer who is paying top dollar. In that case, and especially if you're a country bumpkin sort who does not pay the big bucks that they need for long term survival, then you have to shut up and take the last seat.
Another possibility is that they could be involved in some domestic dispute or fallen ill; in which cases they deserve our empathy and even sympathy.
There is also a high incidence of junk mail and crank SMS notes that ladyboys receive and this must be noted.
But at the end of the day, this is one of the characteristics of "working" ladyboys and of course the thing to do is to stay collected and calm and either see how things develop or if you lack the patience just move on and try to forget it, difficult as that might be. Comments?
(Edited 28.11.07)


Anonymous said...

Very true bro, some of them like as though dun want business. Too bloody cocky.
2nd Chance

Anonymous said...

Good post. I totally agree.
We need to understand that we are not the only men in their lives, I guess.