08 November 2007

History of Singapore ladyboys - 2

Aside from Bugis Street, which in the main, catered for the expatriate crowd was another ladyboy area about and 2 kms away in Johore Road. This was near the junction of Rochore Road and Queen Street. The road no longer exists today and it it's place stands a dried foodstuff centre.
Johore Road catered to the locals and you could have pleasures of the flesh for as low as S$8!
The ladyboys stood around the back alley and inside the cubicles of shop houses and one could walk inside for a look-see. Rubbing the ladyboys and being rubbed in turn was common and many just went for the spectacle of it all. It was dark, damp and stank to high heaven (because of a nearby public lavatory). The ladyboys plied their trade from as early as early afternoon up till the wee hours of the morning.

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