14 November 2007

History of Singapore ladyboys - 3

The famous Bugis Street closed down around 1982/3, mainly because of the construction of the MRT underground train line. So it's said, some of the ladyboys moved on to greener pastures in Europe whilst others moved up to Changi Village. There was an attempt to revive the popularity of ladyboys in the form of a disco called "Wax Dolls". The ladyboys worked as dance hostesses and of course, catered to those who wanted something "extra" after hours.
Unfortunately, partly because of public pressure it was closed down after a while.
It is believed that some ladyboys started hanging out around the area next to present day Orchard Towers near a pub called Ban Chuan. These were the pioneers of the ladyboys that today hang around outside of Orchard Towers.
Another smaller, lesser known area, which operated from the mid 70's to the mid 90's was Race Course Road. Some of the ladyboys which had operated from Bugis Street also entertained clients in their rented rooms. The construction of the North East MRT line led to these houses being demolished.
In the meantime, Johore Road, the working man's bonking area, became slightly more up scale with better looking ladyboys arriving on the scene. However in the early 90's the houses were demolished and they moved to the present Rowell/Desker Road area. In it's heyday during the late 90's, the area offered ladyboys from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. In all, at least fifty ladyboys could be found working in the area each night. But a crackdown by the authorities, which was made worst by thieving ladyboys, reduced the numbers today to about twenty at best.

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