07 November 2007

History of Singapore ladyboys

Bugis Street Ladyboys
So where did it all start in Singapore? I'm told that in the '60s an ex-serviceman from the British army started a brothel of local ladyboys in Telok Kurau, in the eastern part of the island.
Later these ladyboys were somewhat persuaded to ply their trade elsewhere and they ended up in Bugis Street which was already a haunt for the British forces during their off duty hours.
Local ladyboys strutted their stuff in the evenings in the coffee shops and eating houses till the wee hours. Pleasure was available for something like twenty dollars.
The area was cleaned up around 1985 and the area today is from the Coffee Bean and McDonald's end to the area in front of the pedestrian crossing of Bugis Junction shopping centre.
Watch the video above for more.

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liisawinklergirl said...

WOW!!!! fantabulous video and a very good photo chronicle of the Bugis Street TSwomen!!!! kudos to Dickrick for bringing it to us!!!