21 November 2007

Ladyboy behaviour - the bad side

Just recently 2 of the more famous ladyboy forums focussed on an incident which highlighted the case of a ladyboy being scorned and how she took her revenge. Basically, the story goes that this white gentleman had a sort of off and on relationship with a Thai ladyboy who then got peeved at what the man did and took revenge on him by damaging his motorcycle. The police got involved and the ladyboy was told to settle the damages incurred. But the story did not end; it was said that the ladyboy later stalked the man and strangely enough was able to keep on calling him. I would thought he would have changed his phone number if he was that willing to stay away from her.
It was clearly impossible to make a judgement as there were few if any credible witnesses to what transpired before and after the motorcycle event which incidentally was recorded on a security video.
The point of my post is to highlight the dangers of underestimating the patience of a ladyboy, whether she be Thai or not. The gentleman was a ''Butterfly" and that in itself isn't a crime to many but doing it in front of previous "conquests" is! It seemed to be a case of not "giving face", which is important in the Asian context, but not recognised by non-Asians.
Ladyboys have their soft side but I have witnessed many a time when the male in the ladyboy leaps out and it is not a pleasant thing to be on the wrong end of their aggressiveness!
So gentlemen, by all means, try a variety of ladyboys but do be sensitive and send the right signals.

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