28 November 2007

Ladyboys In Johore Bahru, Malaysia

Johore Bahru is the capital of Johore, the southernmost state of Malaysia, Singapore's immediate neighbour.
As far as I know, ladyboys have plied their trade in Johore Bahru for about twenty years.
The hotspot used to be an area bounded by Jalan Trus and Jalan Dhoby. The ladyboys, all local, appeared after 8p.m. and you could get as many as twenty of them, mostly flashing the latest fashions in their revealing mini skirts, low cut tops and high heeled boots.
However after 2002, the area was affected by territorial disputes between ladyboys and many relocated to an area about 3 Km from town called Susor Empat, which means Junction Four.
The ladyboys here claim to work 24 hours a day but some work on "shifts" from 2pm to 8pm and others at different times. The assortment today is different, you not only get local ladyboys but you get some from Indonesia and Thailand.
The only problem with this place is that aside from the awkward location, which is along Jalan Tunku Abdul Razak, is that you sometimes only see about 4 or 5 ladyboys. A reasonable time to try your luck would be around 6pm. I do not recommend going after 8pm as the area area is not well lit at night and anything could happen.
The ladyboys ask for anything between RM 50 to RM70 for a shot (1S$ is about RM2.3 today).
The problem with this is that you have to do "it" in run down rooms which don't have any wash rooms. Aside from that it's great value as you sometimes get some sweet looking ladyboys and eight out of ten times I've had a good time.
The area is actually more well known for car and motorcycle workshops offering repairs, spray painting, number plates and accessories. There are a few decent food stalls too which operate till the wee hours and they offer seafood and tasty chicken nasi lemak from about 5p.m.
(The picture shows the area and the city is on the left. The ladyboys hang around the area behind these shophouses)

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