12 December 2007

The gay thing - again

Here we go round the mulberry bush, as the nursery rhyme goes. And it certainly seems that case as yet again the issue of whether ladyboy lovers are gay surfaced in a forum.
This time there seems to be more to talk about. The argument now is this, some, in fact I suspect quite a number, of ladyboy lovers like to suck a ladyboy's dick. Isn't this a gay attribute?
I suppose in itself it is. That's what gay lovers do, isn't it? But perhaps is it done to reciprocate the ladyboy's actions - to make her feel part of the enjoyment? Or is it because the urge comes from the pleasure of doing it? My two cents worth says that the latter is a gay thing.
Second argument for ladyboy lovers being gay - If a gay dressed in drag for the purpose of seducing an innocent ladyboy lover and the ll succumbs to temptation, is he gay?
My thoughts are, not really. If the gay did a damn good job and looked female, as a lot of ladyboys do, then the ladyboy lover should be excused because at the end of the day we love the feminine form.
However another notable ladyboy forum did a sort of quiz amongst participants to check "gayness"and a fair number of respondents scored between 20% to 40% "gayness".
So perhaps the average ladyboy lover is gay to a small percentage?
Oh, I would just love to hear the responses here and especially if a ladyboy gave an opinion.


Anonymous said...

have u suck one? as in a LB's dick? don't dare lei... i mean, maybe with a CD...

always wanted to. always wanted to have a LB for a gf.

Chicks with dicks, the best of both worlds...


Fatguy from sbf

Paul Chong said...

I have no conflict about blowing her dick. It's a simple equation. Boobs + short skirt + sexy ladyboy = female
Also no pussy + extreme horniness = BJ.

It's not a gay thing, it's a sex thing.