19 December 2007

The philosophy of giving

Friends, I wish to digress slightly from our normal topic to touch on a topic which also coincides with the current festive season. Personally, over the years, I have derived a great pleasure from giving to friends whether they are ladyboys or not. I also tend to give to ladyboys more preference since I've always had a soft spot for them. Theirs is a difficult situation with an identity crisis, discrimination and a life of constantly hoping to achieve their ultimate goal of being a full fledged female.
My philosophy is simple; when you give you will get in return and not necessarily by that same person you've given. It's known these days as "paying forward".
How do I give? In small doses; I'm a man of humble means and when I give it's small tokens - a drink, a simple meal, medicine, small change for a meal or pack of cigarettes, help in writing e-mails etc. I know no boundaries for nationalities; local or foreign matters not to me. I do not expect anything in return as distasteful as free sex or a discount. A thank you would be sufficient, they owe me absolutely nothing.
Unfortunately, I have been misunderstood on occasion - perhaps they thought "Why does this guy give without expecting something in return, he must be up to something!"
It has obviously hurt, but do you think I will stop giving? No! Nothing will prevent me from doing what I think is right and I do not seek any medals for this!
So friends, in this festive season of giving I urge you to give and not hold any mistrust from genuine givers. Trust me, it costs next to nothing but the rewards are many times over.
Wishing all my friends out there a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Anonymous said...

Ya true maybe but most times when you give ppl dun appreciate so not easy.