04 January 2008

2008 Predictions

Hope everybody is enjoying the new year. I thought I'll give my predictions on the Singapore ladyboy scene.
Local ladyboys - can't see any new ones coming on the scene except maybe at Changi Village where I'm told numbers have increased and some part timers trying to make inroads.
China - expect more to come. Numbers have doubled, some say trebled in the Lor 16 Geylang area. Philippines and Thailand- expect a few new ones to try their luck. A number are saving up for the trip but don't expect too many. Airfares are likely to increase as are hotel rates and that will cause a few to change their mind. Indonesia - some of the better looking, internet savvy ones have expressed an interest and I wouldn't be surprised to see a few making the trip at the escort level. Malaysia - don't expect an increase in numbers. The ones that are here are aiming for Europe and at it's best they'll probably be replaced by a few newbies.
Prices - expect them to be about the same as rising costs of coming here will mean slimmer chances of a bargain.
As usual, just my 2 cents worth. Opinions please!

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si geena said...

The ones from China need to improve. Most look too amazonly for my liking.