16 January 2008

The bonking price poll

Thank you to those of you that participated in the poll. The results of any poll aren't scientific. But they do give you a rough idea what people are thinking. So far,it was more or less what I guessed - that about two thirds would pay the Geylang type pricing of $60 ($50 plus $10 room). And about a third would go for the better looking and usually better service of a higher charging ladyboy.
Personally I usually go for the lower end and go to the higher end when I'm feeling that I need a treat and want something special. My particular style means that I can go more often with my humble limited means and in any case I'm a one shot wonder and seldom have the urge nor strength to do a second round. In fact there were some embarrassing cases when I was faced with an attractive ladyboy and came within 5 minutes! LOL. So I still get that fear from time to time.
Anyway, what about you guys out there?

1 comment:

si geena said...

I like my variety and if it costs an arm and a leg for a pretty one, I'll rather have 3 average ones.

In fact, I disagree that it costs an arm and a leg for a pretty one. We know all about Rowell. There's plenty of quality there.

What's the rationale for paying $250? Unless it's for a full day/ night worth... 24hrs.