25 January 2008

Newbie Questions

In response to a newbie and others who always wanted to know:
A GG is a genetic girl, that is, a normal girl. An LB is a ladyboy who generally speaking,is born a male but has feminine behaviour and ultimately wants to be become a girl.
The price in the survey is based on 1 hour. The level of service as well as the looks is supposed to increase the more you pay. For the lower end you get a screw and a blow job. For the higher end it depends on what you negotiate. Example, if you're local for $150, they would give you arse rimming, French kissing, cat bath (she licks you all over)let you cum in their mouth and they would even screw you as well as the basic FJ and BJ.
Obviously if you want her to screw you as well then she would ask for more as it is tiring for them. This a very general guide. If the ladyboy likes you for whatever reason then you may get a higher level of service for less money.
As you asked, if you're thinking of 4 or 5 tries in a day and not concerned about conditions then Rowell Road is your best bet. Take a walk through the entire road from say 7pm. Look around house 9 (2 or 3 good looking ones)house 31 and 33 (1 or 2) and 79 (usually 4 or 5 lookers)
But don't equate good looks with good service. Normally those that are older or less good looking give better service as they need the business.
Questions? Comments?

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ibelieveindevil said...

thx for ur reply... erm if i am looking for a higher end shemale, which have basically gone thru all neccesary change except the removal of a dick, beautiful and trained, is vice sisters the onli place to look for?