28 February 2008

The Geylang Update

Singapore's largest red light district has a road where ladyboys ply their trade. It's Geylang Lorong 16 and the ladyboys start appearing from about 8.30pm. They hang around at extreme ends of the road and charge anything from S$40 to S$60 for between half an hour to an hour's service.
The style here is for punters to walk along the road and have a chat with them. Price, service levels and time is negotiated. Rooms from S$6 to S$20 are either within private apartments or the Hotel 81. They are a lot cleaner than those found in the Rowell Road area and always have an attached bath, double bed and sometimes mirrors on the walls and ceiling. The choice is between local, Thai and China ladyboys. As usual the Thais tend to be the better bet. The peak hour would be at around 10p.m. plus and on some nights a total of about 15 can be seen out of which 3 or 4 on average would be passable. Picture shows Sernee a Thai femboy from Phuket who went for S$50, room extra. Excellent kissing and quite friendly in manner and good in service.
Geylang may be reached via the MRT. Get off at EW9 Aljuined station and then walk. A map can be found in the station concourse.

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