24 February 2008

Johore Bahru update

Back to the rough and tough, guys. Johore Bahru's Susor Empat (junction four) area, about 3 km from the town centre is still in action. (Johore Bahru is the southern most city in peninsula Malaysia and is Singapore's immediate neighbour. Susor Empat is more famous for car and motorcycle repair shops.)
The ladyboys appeared later at 7p.m. , unlike before, so it's wise to maybe get a light meal first such as the nasi lemak (coconut flavoured rice) with fried chicken at the shop at the extreme end or maybe a burger whilst waiting. It's still bright enough and it's nice and cool.
Saw about 15 ladyboys both local Malaysian and Indonesian. I'd say about 6 were pretty, the rest so so. The conditions in the rooms are rough, as bad as Singapore's Rowell Road, but it's dirt cheap. Bonks are RM60 (about S$27). If visiting do not carry excessive cash nor any valuables as the area can be risky. Pictured is Malaysian ladyboy "Angie" or Angianee, about 1.5m tall, good patient service but a quiet person.


HornyKuku said...

Hi bro dickrick...pardon my ignorance but where exactly is susur empat? is it a street by itself? Any prominent landmarks around the place? where exactly can these heavenly ladyboys be found?

Anonymous said...

The nearest landmark is Court Mammoth. Before Court Mammoth if you coming from south. (causeway)

Check http://wikimapia.org
search johor bahru
search court mammoth.

From map scroll and locate south east from Court.