10 February 2008

Ladyboy poll

Thanks for taking part in the latest poll. So far, the results were somewhat expected. The Thai ladyboys operating in Singapore cover the three main price points and are the largest number out here. There is also, in my opinion, the added fact that the Thais have a natural reverent and cordial manner which the other Asian ladyboys don't have. The Filipino ladyboys are not here in great numbers but are making their positive impact in their own quiet way. However, it must be noted that some have "shot themselves in the foot" by their unprofessional behaviour as was posted in the local sub section of one local forum. Nevertheless the others have been better accepted.
On a similar note, I've also noticed that about 50% of the visitors to this simple blog come from outside Singapore. I'm simply honoured and I do hope I've answered your questions.
A big thank you, merci, dankie, terima kasi everybody! Cheers!

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