09 February 2008

Orchard Towers - real value?

In reply to yesterday’s response – Yes you would be losing out at Rowell because of the limited time, small room, thin mattress and no place to wash up. But also, because of the gate you have limited talk time with the ladyboy. At Geylang you have a chance to talk, a bigger and cleaner room with attached bath. You can also choose between half an hour or an hour or even more!
Of course you pay a bit more but it’s value for money.
Going up the ladder at Orchard Towers, you get to see a good range of better looking ladyboys (15 on average). Again here you can have a decent conversation with the ladyboys providing you at least pass them a couple of bucks or buy them a drink. But it gives you the chance to see whether you have a chemistry with the ladyboy or not.
Yes it’s a higher price at OT but it’s like having coffee at a kopi tiam (small coffee shop in Singapore) or Starbucks.
I swear the coffee tastes the same and I probably get the same pleasure from drinking it but it’s the style, the ambience, comfort and the courtesy that’s makes the difference. The only thing I hate about Orchard Towers is you’ve got to take a taxi and waste time getting to a hotel and all and it’s extra bucks but somehow sometimes you just want to treat yourself.
Of course there’s no rule to say you must take anybody. For a cheap thrill, you could just go there, have a couple of beers, chat with the ladyboys and do a bit of smooching for less than forty bucks.

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Anonymous said...

great and speedy advice bro! thanks so much!