06 February 2008

Orchard Towers

Singapore's Orchard Towers is the closest thing to Bangkok's Nana Plaza for ladyboys.
Although a much larger building, it houses but two bars in which ladyboys are found.
Romeos, on the third floor, which has about a dozen or so on most days and Crazy Horse on the fourth floor has about half a dozen. Crazy Horse is easily twice the size of Romeos and the ladyboys have to compete with real girls for business. There is a small pool table and from about 9pm two or three girls provide a show dancing on stage. There is a small stage in Romeos and the ladyboys provide an impromptu performance every once in a while. Happy Hours, where beer in a mug for S$5/6 is available up to 9p.m. is an option for the early birds. If you plan to soak up the atmosphere you arrive after 8p.m and wait for the ladyboys to stroll in. If you go alone, chances are you will be approached to buy them a drink which costs some twenty odd dollars. Or in exchange for a couple of bucks some of them will chat with you for a bit or for a bit more a little smooching takes place. For the real deal you have to go your hotel or one of the short time hotels. For this expect to pay between S$150 to S$250 depending whether it's early in the week (Cheaper) or Saturday (most expensive) when there's a full house. The Thai ladyboys in Orchard Towers are the best looking in the island. Pictured is the slim, gorgeous, friendly Anu who works out of Romeos.

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Anonymous said...

bro, i just wanna say that you're doing an awesome job with your blog. it is not only filled with great advice and guides, but also thoughtful opinions about ladyboys.

personally, i have not tried "booking" any of the girls at OT yet. would love to soon one day but the prices deter me. never tried changi village or geylang either. for me, it has always been a rowell kinda thing. am i missing out?