19 February 2008

The X factor in ladyboys

Ladyboys have this x-factor. Maybe it's their behaviour, maybe it's the way they dress - their seductive look; it could be a shorter than short skirt, a pair of really micro hot pants or sexy black stockings coupled with a pair of seductive high heels. It's sometimes hard to tell.
And of course once you're in her boudoir; then temperatures and manhoods rise higher - you gaze at her soft hair, her silky skin and their oh so naughty lingerie that leaves little to the imagination.
On top of it there's this understanding way of knowing what you like - words become unnecessary as you get closer and closer! Well you get the picture, if I haven't got your pulse racing by now I don't know what will! So question for the guys...what turns you on? The lingerie, high heels, latex outfit, micro bikini? Comments please!


Anonymous said...

Brenda's lingerie looks damn nice. Her boobs also damn nice.

purba said...

Does Brenda works as an escort?
She is soo nice looking
newver seen a better lloking indon lb

rukter said...

nice decription bro dickrick. have u tried her svc before? hows the svc, & at what price?