24 March 2008

Future Filipino Ladyboys

In the Philippines there are an increasing number of ladyboys emerging. At the moment they're at the "femboy" stage where they're aiming to be full fledged ladyboys. They seem to come mainly from the more southern island of Cebu as opposed to the capital Manila.
In the Philippines, unlike Thailand, there aren't any ladyboys bars so you'd have to research the forums for locations they hang out. However, if you can't get to the Philippines, the next best thing is to visit sites where you can view them live on camera via such sites as:
These sites charge around US$25 for booking a certain number of minutes with the ladyboy of your choice. There are currently well in excess of a hundred ladyboys who do so and you can normally text them for free and see the pictures on the sites in tasty poses.
Pictured above is Shemalia from Cebu- email- nagie5igot@yahoo.com

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