06 March 2008

Post op Ladyboys

Yes, we've heard the old argument lots of times. If you go for a post-op ladyboy, why not go for the real thing? A good rationale. But then, ladyboys are famous for their male urges - a willingness to be bolder, whether in dressing, attitude and of course, under the sheets! So here, it would appear to be the best of both worlds.
Now, for the uninitiated, a post-op ladyboy has her penis removed. Well, not exactly, it disappears from sight but is actually re-used; a sort of inside out technique; I'll spare you the gory details.
Of course, those of us that like the dicky for the usual will be disappointed but those who are happy either way would be thrilled. Trust me, the new "pussy" that is formed (especially these last few years) looks and most important, feels like the real thing and is usually nice and tight too! Minus the cum though.
So, tell us your feelings! Will you go for a post-op ladyboy?
Pictured is Maya, a Thai post-op ladyboy (I can confirm) who works out of Singapore's Orchard Towers at the Crazy Horse bar. Lovely girl, nice personality and very seductive!


Anonymous said...

No matter how nice, the best still pre-op trans. No dick no fun leh!

Anonymous said...