09 April 2008

Ladyboy Relationships 2

Continuing on...Before I get to part 3 here's some advice for the ladyboys. Just as you've got lots of intimate friends so would your partner. If you're comfortable with the fact that he's also been sleeping around, fine. Remember, it works both ways.

Part 3 is the dead serious part. Assume you've got this far; both of you love each other and want to be together permanently , i.e. living together and spending time like husband and wife. In the first place the ladyboy has to give up her old profession and likewise the guy has to sacrifice his bonking sessions with others. Are you both prepared for that? If neither are, then forget it; it ain't gonna work. Can you imagine a situation where a man married a female prostitute and she continued with her old job? Same thing here.
If every thing's fine then it's just left for the ladyboy's SRS operation; if it's not already done. Mind you, some countries don't recognize the SRS and still consider them to be a man and won't allow a marriage. Whereas, some non Asian countries will allow same sex marriages.
If there isn't any form of marriage then it's going to be a simple form of just living together without any official commitment just like some "live-in" couples. Anyway, with or without a marriage, at the rate divorces are going, there doesn't seem to be much of a difference!
Opinions from gentlemen, ladyboys??


Anonymous said...

You seem to be assuming that both the ladyboy and her man will want her to have SRS. Is that always the case? I wonder. Some men don't want their girl to lose their "naughty bits" That aspect of who they are, in many cases, is what attracted their suitor in the first place.
I also wonder how easy it will be for the man to stop his butterfly ways? Most men who become involved with ladyboys are sex tourists. A large number are much older. Some are even already married. It's sad that in most cases, all a ladyboy has to look forward to is gradually getting older and less desirable to her clients and then loneliness.
It's perhaps the final irony that by and large the only perspective partners they can attract or that appreciate them for what they are, are men who are (mostly) not interested in long term relationships, OR in anything but their bodies.

Anonymous said...

I am an American man who married a beautiful, incredibly feminine ladyboy after she transitioned to female. And she is a lovely person and a beautiful lady.
I paid for her face feminization surgery, her breast implants, and her sexual reassignment surgery. As well as her female hormones.
She had her legal status changed to female in the U.S., and became a citizen.
No one suspects she wazs once male, she is short (5'3"), petite, very pretty, and more feminine and beautiful than most genetic women., She is a wonderful wife and stepmom to my children (from a previous marriage to a genetic lady).

si geena said...

To the anon above,

It's heartening to hear about warm anecdotes like yours.