20 April 2008

Ladyboy Relationships 3

Thank you the three people who commented to the previous posts.
The argument could continue on and on. There's always two sides to a coin.
But based on actual experiences, the unfortunate part seems to be that the ladyboy is usually the one that is at a disadvantage. Unless she meets a Mr Right who is financially able to support her for the long term, there would appear to be a strong chance that she will end up single and lonely. We mustn't forget that after hitting their mid thirties, ladyboys have an uphill battle to look young and attractive thus reducing their chances of finding or holding on to a mate. (There are, of course exceptions to any rule).
And adding to this complex situation, I have also come across some absolutely unscrupulous men who take money from the ladyboys. Some of the ladyboys are so smitten and gullible that they actually pay for the company of a "boyfriend". A classic example of "love being blind". Sad but true.
There again, there will be some amongst us who question why the ladyboys don't prepare themselves for another career for their "retirement". It makes perfect sense.
In a similar situation to that of a professional athlete, whose career has a similar lifespan, a lot go into a related profession or learn fresh skills.
But trying telling that to a ladyboy at the peak of their P4P profession! It's like talking to a wall. I've tried it on a few occasions. More often than not it falls on deaf ears. And then one witnesses the usual drama of an aged ladyboy trying to erk out a living by doing odd jobs and even begging on the streets.
Do they deserve it? Yes, those of us that have been cheated by the unscrupulous amongst them and certainly not by those that have been treated to a sense of fair, even handed behaviour. Food for thought?
Cheers all and please keep up the comments. It's much appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

Sometime pity the lb. But sometimes they deserve. Some of them very proud, big show offs.