13 May 2008

Club Romeo

Back to Singapore gents and Orchard Towers for some slight updates. This is, of course, where you get the only 2 ladyboy bars in Singapore, Crazy Horse and Club Romeo. At peak times, 9pm plus on weekends, you could see about 10 in Crazy Horse and as many as two dozen in and around Club Romeo. The latter is a smaller more cosy bar and happy hour beer is at S$7 per mug and goes up to S$12 later. If you buy a drink for the "ladies" it's S$22. The ladyboys start coming in around 9pm and you witness a little ritual that they do of touching the floor and making a bee line for the altar behind the bar to pray for good luck. Almost 100% Thai in nationality, they hold a reverent attitude to their Buddhist religion. Bonking charges range from S$150 to S$250 depending on the girl and the day of the week. Weekends before midnight tend to be the costliest. You can find a map of Club Romeo and Orchard Towers here -

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si geena said...

Good post introducing OT. Aki's got a great ability with Chinese as well. But she can pout very nastily when provoked.