07 May 2008

Indonesian Ladyboys

In the main you would find Indonesian ladyboys in...well...Indonesia! Jakarta to be exact and some, so I hear, in Bali as well. In Jakarta the street walkers, again I'm told, can be found in Taman Lawang and also Blok M. In Taman Lawang a good time to go apparently, is 9p.m. This area however, can be a dicey place so do take precautions.
Outside of Indonesia, a fair number can be found in the southern Malaysian city of Johore Bahru (see my Susor Empat post), the capital Kuala Lumpur and Georgetown, Penang in the north west of peninsula Malaysia.
In Singapore none can be found these days and I'm hoping some like the beautiful lady below can hop over for a visit.

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Anonymous said...

in surabaya, the place to go is irian barat, lots of LBs down there at night but not so much on weds and sat because of the animal market