29 May 2008

Is your girlfriend a ladyboy? Ladyboy Behaviour 3

This may appear to be a silly question. But at the beginning of a friendship/relationship, and if she is passable, sometimes it can be pretty hard to tell.
This is in response to a comment by the way.
So how do you tell a ladyboy from a real girl?
Some of the ladyboy characteristics are these:
Larger feet and hands than ladies. Smaller butt, although these can be enhanced.
Lower voice although here again, something could be done plus a lot of practice put in.
The walk - some ladyboys have an exaggerated "swagger" about them. The more experienced ones have honed the art of walking to a fine art though.
The hair - ladyboys love stroking their hair. (This came from a ladyboy incidentally)
I was told they're proud of their hair and it differentiates them from cross-dressers.
A catastrophe for a ladyboy is if she's forced to cut her hair. Like in some countries when they get arrested for soliciting.
General behaviour - sometimes the male in them comes out unintentionally - like when they're angry or they're under pressure, the aggressiveness suddenly pops out.
Of course, the other way of finding out without asking is "accidentally" brushing against their groin area. Er...that is if they're still a pre-op.
And yes, pre-op ladyboys still cum although it's usually very watery.
Lastly, to the last person that commented, I suggest you read my earlier posts before you think about getting serious.


Anonymous said...

Hi again , thanks for the respond , I never have sex with her , but I seen her naked before , she don't have any dick , and then when I use my finger to finger you know where , it cum you see , does ladyboy really cum? or they don't ? she don't always stroke her hair , but I see her hair is very long, is there anyway to find out? you see, maybe I want her to say the truth to me, will they mind?

si geena said...

Well, if you get the chance, play up that you want to see her passport.

But I dare say, why do you want to know? Since you are okay with either.

ibelieveindevil said...

anothr thingis that there are certain times that u can take note of her voice to see if its fake. the ladyboy i am wif, have a very womanly voice that most people cant differentiate. however, she cant hide it when she laugh or cry. anyway, i dun tink u shd ask her straight away. there are 2 types of them, i being proud of their gender, the other being extremely sensitive abt it