25 May 2008

Ladyboy Behaviour 2

This is in response to a friend who's 21 and the ladyboy is 30 something. Basically, he's said that was a meeting up resulting in sex between them. He mentioned this was his first time and he couldn't "get it up". This, in spite of the fact that this ladyboy was a good looker, according to him.
My opinion on this is, and I have to say I'm no expert, I think this is a psychological thing. The mind is kinda confused as it can't decide whether it's a girl or a guy. On the other hand, it could be just a subconscious fear of the unknown. Either way, my advice to him is to try with a different ladyboy and see what happens. If it doesn't, ladyboys ain't for you mate. Best stick with GGs.
Also do note that at your age, if you're seen in close proximity with a ladyboy, a lot of girls in Singapore (as it probably is in other countries) may not be comfortable with you. A lot would brand you as gay.
For those of us in our forties and fifties, we don't really bother as few young girls would even give us a second look for the right reason in the first place.
Anybody out there got a different opinion? Let's hear it guys or ladyboys!


ibelieveindevil said...

i would say, well, there are quite some ppl whu viewed me as gay, and i dun really feel anything harsh abt it. well, i manage to get my winky up that night while she was asleep, and i gave her a hand job while she was asleep, out of my own will. will i guess maybe i am too nervous in front of her. anyway she left to malaysia already, where she work. she work as a professional, and she always feel say to see other ladyboys being hooker, thats what make her diffrent from the rest. i would be going to meet her in the grand opening of the club she working in on 28th june again.

si geena said...

Mr. ibelieveindevil,

You're still young. And the world's your oyster.

But once you go over to the darkside, it's quite hard to go back to vanilla pussy.

Anonymous said...

Hi bro , I know a OT thai , we never have sex before , we have feelings for each others, I knew my parents will not accept so I have to wait , I don't know if she is a ladyboy or a girl you see? if there anyway I can ask? but I dont feel good to ask this kind of question, does ladyboy cum? I just want to know the truth that's all , life still goes on .