15 June 2008

Famous Ladyboy Band - Venus Flytrap

Who says ladyboys can't earn a living outside P4P? Well, here are five gorgeous Thai ladyboys who've been signed by up Sony BMG late 2006 and perform pleasure of a different kind - music!
The group, Venus Flytrap consists of Amy, Taya, Bobo, Nok and Gina. Originally sourced to be an answer to the Spice Girls, Sony BMG went through 200 applicants before these girls were finally chosen.
This is their official web site http://www.sonybmg.co.th/venusflytrap/
Photo above courtesy of Sony BMG Thailand.
And here they are performing their hit "Visa for Love" - enjoy!


si geena said...

I may be taking this discussion in a totally different spin...

But my view is that the girls often work in P4P because it's the quickest buck.

They can also slave like the rest of their countrymen for 300-600 bucks a month. But if they want to save enough money for all the beauty enhancing ops, that'll take a very long period of time.

Anonymous said...

Bobo is the only one that is still pre op...
and she is great fun in bed

Anonymous said...

what is p4p?