25 June 2008

Johore, Malaysia update

Sometime back in March, I spoke about Susor Empat in Johore Bahru, Malaysia.
This is the link
It appears the ladyboys are coming out earlier at around 5pm. So good news for the newbies as it means you can can see with every bit of clarity what you're taking.
(It's also a lot safer at that hour.)
I spotted six in the centre where the open field is and another three some distance away.
They were a mix of Indonesians and locals and two or three were in the not bad looking category. For fans of Singapore's Rowell Road, this isn't a bad alternative if you're in the neighbourhood.
Rowell Road is the spot in Singapore where it's down and dirty but really cheap bonks could be had.
Price at Susor Empat is RM60 - (Malaysian Ringgit)check with the currency converter on the right for what that is in your country. Room is stuffy and dark but what the heck it's dirt cheap and provides variety - isn't that the spice of life?
Cheers all.

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