21 June 2008

Looking for ladyboys

So you're in America and you've now heard about Asian ladyboys and want to meet them. The best place to find them is in Thailand. Bangkok the capital and Pattaya, about a hundred miles south east of Bangkok, would be the main areas. Here you will find them in their thousands!
If you're coming from the States a number of airlines Cathay Pacific, Korean Air, United Airlines and of course Thai Airways International to name but a few do the 16 hour plus trip from LA.
Of course, before you set off, a fair bit of homework is needed and the Tourism Authority of Thailand is a good stop. Also do visit The Ladyboy Forums for much more details on where to go, how much to pay and what not to do. Basically you should plan for at least a two week trip which will give enough time to explore both Bangkok and Pattaya as well as do the usual tourist stuff like shopping and sightseeing.
Hotels and food are really cheap and rooms could be had for as low as US$30 a night. For just five dollars you could have a really good meal at a decent restaurant.
Also do a bit of reading up on Thai customs - for example do not under any circumstances criticize their king - he is highly revered.
It's a wonderful, fascinating place to visit but of course there are always black sheep around so do be careful of your personal belongings.
Enjoy yourself guys!

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