29 June 2008

Transvestite Murder and Ageing Ladyboys

On the 21st of June in Singapore a 61 year transvestite was found murdered in his room. Soon after a 26 year old man was arrested. Indeed shocking and the case is detailed a bit more here.
In a related story, The New Paper, an English language tabloid, published a story today on transvestites in Singapore and how they cope in their old age.
The reporter then interviewed several ladyboys and transvestites and it was interesting to note the answers they gave on how they coped in their later years. All were obviously engaged in professions that were no longer related to the P4P scene and a number aimed to leave Singapore and head for Europe where they hoped to get a younger man who would provide companionship and live in a society which was more tolerant of their ways. The latter finding was understandable to me but the former was surprising. I did not expect much younger men to have a permanent relationship with a ladyboy even in a more tolerant European society. A ladyboy around their age I would understand but somebody much older?
On the other hand, it was also reported that a local ladyboy married a European man 20 years her junior and also adopted 2 children and now live in Europe!
This brings me to say that although we think we know the behaviour of ladyboys, along comes an incident like this to show how little we know. Fascinating!

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liisawinklergirl said...

this is quite a good glimpse on the latter years of a ladyboy's life/career.

here in the Philippines most older ladyboys work in the salons or try to buy themselves a place to set up a salon...i think those are the ones who in their younger years were originally really from the beauty pageant business or something related to that ...

the others who were bargirls in Japan, I guess they build an apartment to rent and then just count the money coming in unless they are still attractive enough then they have older Jap boyfriends who take care of them and visit them once in a while