26 July 2008

Filipino Ladyboys 2

If you’re keen on meeting up a Filipino ladyboy one idea might be to register with the many social networking sites out there. A suggestion is www.ning.com, which has a few. You merely do a search on the site using the obvious word. On some the number of Filipinos can exceed a hundred and range from young first timers making their debut to seasoned veterans who’ve done almost everything imaginable.
So what can you expect? The social networking sites are typical. You provide a name, some particulars about yourself; your pet likes and dislikes and a photo, perhaps. As for the ladyboys, some are very direct and clearly say they’re in the P4P trade, which at least, you know where you stand.
Others are more discreet, saying they’re looking for friends and are perhaps genuine. But here’s where the shades of gray come in.
Some of the ladyboys can’t seem to make up their mind. Sometimes they're oh so friendly and sometimes they're as cold as a dead fish. Is it a fault of hormone intake or immaturity or perhaps they realized we’re too ugly? It’s anybody’s guess.
Thank goodness they seem to be in the minority.
The point is, don’t take anything for granted and venture with an open mind. There are a number of genuine people out there who are a real pleasure to talk to and be with.
Who knows? You could even find a partner for life!
Cheers All.

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