19 July 2008

Filipino Ladyboys

Filipinos are a newer "happening" in the world of ladyboys. They started appearing and being noticed internationally something like 5 years ago, unlike their Thai sistas who appeared very much earlier. This isn't to say Filipino males who felt they were in the wrong body just appeared overnight. In fact, the concept of the ladyboy has probably been around as long as it has been in other ASEAN nations.
The concept of calling themselves ladyboys seems to be still foreign to the Filipinos. In fact, if you do a search on "You Tube" you wouldn't get many results. But if you looked for "Filipino gays" you'd be much luckier. Many Filipino ladyboys still consider themselves "gay" which strictly speaking isn't really accurate. After all they act, dress and think like ladies and the only common denominator would be that they like men rather than women. (I'm of course implying that gays are men who like men rather women who like women, whom I consider to be lesbians.)
You would also notice that as a result of their educational background the Filipino ladyboys speak English much better than their Thai counterparts. In terms of looks there are an increasing number who are as pretty and passable as the Thais. They have had a later start and the majority still have a way to go but they're definitely in the number two spot when it comes to choosing Asian ladyboys.
So anyway, getting down to brass tacks, where do you find them? Well aside from the two main cities of Manila and Cebu city, a lot of ladyboys in the P4P trade move around Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and sometimes even Bangkok and Jakarta. A good source for these travelling ladyboys is vicesisters. For details of where they roam, prices and the things they get up to you could consult the ladyboy forums
By the way, the lovely lady in the picture is Filipino ladyboy Ashley who may be contacted by Yahoo Messenger at ashley_meno2007.


liisawinklergirl said...

very well written blogs Mr. Dick Rick...these are how blogs should be created...clear and understandable and not muddled and disjointed....

LIISA big bad winklergirl

Erika Lim said...

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Anonymous said...

The easiest way to find them in Singapore or Hong Kong is through Craigs list.

Here is the link for the Singapore transexual page: