13 July 2008

The Four Friends

Four friends who never met each other for thirty years finally met up in a Bangkok pub one evening. The fourth one had to use the bathroom and whilst he was gone the conversation amongst the others turned to the topic of children.
The first one said “My son is a successful businessman today. After graduating from university he joined a large corporation and soon after he opened up his own business. He’s so successful he just bought his friend a brand new cabin cruiser for his birthday."
The second one said “My son studied medicine and today he’s a successful surgeon. Why, he’s so successful he could even afford to buy a close friend a spanking new car."
The third one, not to be outdone, said “Well, my son’s even more successful; why he’s an architect now and he just bought his friend a house by the lake for his birthday.”
The fourth man returned and they asked him about his son.
And he said “Well, my son’s a transsexual.” There were gasps all around and in shocked tones the usual sympathy was given. “But” the man went on, “That’s his life and I still love him and I must say he’s doing very well. Last week was his birthday and he was given a cabin cruiser, a car and a house by the lake by his three boyfriends.”
You might have heard this one before and it's obviously exaggerated but the point is, I don't think it's wise to judge anybody and kudos to the father who accepted his son for what he is.
And yes in answer to a query p4p means pay for pleasure i.e. prostitution
Cheers all.

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