06 July 2008

Orchard Towers - The Clubs

Orchard Towers springs to mind when ladyboys in Singapore are mentioned. So today I'll describe the clubs a bit more to work up the appetite. The first one is Crazy Horse - on the fourth floor of Orchard Towers. This may be a good choice for a shy first timer because you get both GGs and and about a dozen ladyboys most nights. It opens about 8pm, although like the other club the ladyboys start coming in a couple of minutes before 9pm. It is reasonably large, about 1,200 sq.ft, it has pool tables on the right as you enter and a stage where girls do a dance routine on the left. The bar is directly opposite the entrance. If you plan on having a little smooching and a bit more go for tables on the far left which are a bit more private. The local Tiger draught beer can be had for S$5 a mug or S$18 for a jug (about 3 plus mugs) before 10pm. The lady drinks are about S$20 where the "ladies" will sit and chat with you. And for a S$10 tip chances of venturing with your hands are higher. Going all the way for a bonk would cost anything from S100 (currently) to about S$200 for about 2 hours of action.

The other club, Club Romeo is on the third floor and has almost all ladyboys. Here you get as many as 2 dozen especially at weekends where incidentally it closes at 4am. Here the main brew is Fosters and draught is at S$7 a mug during happy hours (before 10) and S$12 after. Club Romeos is about a third smaller and there is a stage in the centre aisle and tables on either side with the bar being at the extreme end. For a bit more private smooching head for the extreme right hand corner. There is no live entertainment and the stage is used for impromptu performances. It's also used as a first stop for the ladyboys when they arrive as they will get on stage and bang their heels for good luck. They then head for the bar where they pray at a little altar set up for them.
Music is basically techno so don't hope for any country music or hits from the early years. At least in Crazy Horse the music is sometimes 80s or 90s hits. The staff are also rather stiff in both bars and I've rarely seen them greet an old customer. Maybe they think we're queer! But quite honestly if there were no ladyboys I wouldn't give the latter bar a second look. Comments any of you who've been there?

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si geena said...

Perhaps I belong to a younger crowd but the music and scene in Romeo's appeal to me more than Crazy Horse. That and the general scenery which is un-tarred by ugly ggs.

Romeo's Fosters are also amongst the coldest I've had. So they are doing well on my beer money.