29 September 2008

Ladyboy pay sites

Ladyboy pay sites represent the cheapest way of admiring ladyboys, albeit via your computer monitor.
There's about a dozen around, some very good and extensive. Others just so so and in some cases, a sheer waste of money. The four I'll highlight, which I think are the better ones, all have about a thousand models and tons of photographs, both solo and hardcore, as well as a hundreds of videos. They are:
1. Asian Shemales XXX - This may come as a surprise to some because when they first started more than five years ago, the pictures were really small, dark and always shot in some dingy hotel room. They've improved a fair bit and now you get decent size photos and videos. They're also the only ones who feature Indonesian ladyboys in solo shots and twosomes. Subscriptions start at US$29.95
2. Ladyboy-Ladyboy - This is the oldest - 9 years and still in the running! They come out with about 24/25 shoots in a month so just calculating that quickly that makes for a lot of viewing. They've also got short and long videos as well as video streaming. Price from US$34.99
3. Ladyboy69.com - The newest of the four but they certainly raised the bar of photography standards when they came on the scene. For once you had large pictures in bright surroundings and picturesque backgrounds. Coupled with a number of "stars" they made an impact on the ladyboy pay site scene. Still coming up with good quality pics and videos their prices start at US$39.95.
4. Asian TS - Last but not the least, in fact my favourite, they've been around for 7 years. They now update daily with very good photography and video with shots both indoors and out. Although mainly of Thai ladyboys they once did a good spread of Filipino ladyboys.
Their prices start at US$29.95

The sites above also have added benefits like where to find ladyboys, ladyboy contact info, forums and some other helpful bits and pieces. Basically check them all out and make a choice.
Take note that some sites charge a recurring membership meaning that if you just sign up and keep quiet, you automatically get billed. So pay attention to the sign up page.

Cheers all and oh yes sorry for the late answer to a query - the ladyboys at Orchard Towers charge between S$150 to S$250 for their services. Taxi and hotel are extra.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for making your blog available - it's really informative especially for us newcomers.

kevin said...

I have not joined any of the sites, due to circumstance,but that is where I first got bitten with the Asian LB bug!

Thanks again for sharing this blog with all - it is truly informative.

My question is - I go to Bangkok- what are the chances of picking up some barely treatable ailment from one of these ladies? Besides condoms, do you have any words of wisdom on the matter?

Also - I read somewhere when a TS has the SRS, she loses all possibility of sexual satisfaction- and probably sex drive. Makes sense but is it true?

If I loved her I guess it wouldn't matter much. I could very easily fall in love with one of these exquisite gifts from heaven. And probably will!