17 September 2008

Ladyboys in Health Centres?

Health Centres in the Singapore context are places where you are supposed to get a massage. However being the creative business people that some Singaporeans are, many a centre has graduated to providing services for the flesh trade.
It's all done very discreetly. You sign in at the counter and are asked a general description of the lady you would like. You're then escorted to a room to be met by your choice. She then massages you a good bit, and in the "correct" places and you're then asked if you want "service". This of course costs you extra and going all the way would cost you around a hundred Singapore dollars which is on top of the thirty odd dollars that you pay for the massage.
Now, wouldn't that be nice if ladyboys go do it? Yes indeed, in the east there was once a parlour in the Odeon Katong building where ladyboys did the massage/extra service thing. Nowadays it's restricted, as best I know, to a parlour called New Peninsula Health Centre in the Peninsula Excelsior Hotel. There was also an attempt by a ladyboy to run a parlour in the Jalan Besar area but that fell flat within a week.
But if you take the plunge, do note that not all the masseurs are ladyboys; you have to ask. They're usually post-op ladyboys who have been around a bit so don't expect a pre-op in her early twenties.
Just a note - The viewers of this blog come from all over the world and I write with that in mind. And please, this isn't a forum - it's a personal blog constructed with the help of my friends! I will only publish constructive comments. I do this blog for people who share an interest in ladyboys.
Thanks and cheers all.

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Anonymous said...

gone are the good old days of Odean Katong, where the men in the car finance shops will give u dirty looks cos u are there to have LB fun haha !

anyways, times must change and so must we. maybe a LB tuina in AMK or Toa Payoh soon ? LOL