05 September 2008

Singapore P4P Scene Update

In spite of the slowing down of the economy, the Singapore P4P scene is still alive. Nothing dramatic has happened. My friends and I do note a negligible presence of local ladyboys in the central areas like Geylang and Orchard Road. The famed old lady, Rowell Road, is still ticking, the Thai ladyboys still faithfully turning up for work behind the metal gate of house 79 and the rest of the older gang still in their same old spots.
Geylang has gone to the dogs - well almost, I swear there's nothing to look at and if anybody sees or even hears different - please prove me wrong.
The scene at Changi Village is unknown to me - I've lost touch almost completely.
In the upper end at Orchard Towers life goes on. The 30 plus ladyboys from the land of smiles keep turning up. They all swear they haven't had customers for days. Partially true, the heavy rain in the last few days hasn't helped matters!
But they still come, prancing in their high heels, showing off their slim figures and exposing as much as they dare on the 3rd and 4th floors. Ah, what a lovely sight!
Will we ladyboy lovers ever tire of them? Cheers guys!


Anonymous said...

hi Dr,

Im wondering if the old spa at odean katong shopping center has re-surfaced somewhere?? heh heh

u heard anything?

tstar said...

hi how much does it cost to take a girl back to hotel from orchard towers

2WayStreet said...

Good write up, Bro. Want to go CV, next time, call me. I will pick you up. 2WayStreet