21 October 2008

Japanese Ladyboys

Japanese ladyboys or new halves have been on the scene in Japan for a number of years.
As beautiful as their Thai sistas, Japanese new halves are apparently found in New Half Bars which are karaoke type places which you can find in Fukoka,Roppongi, Osaka and Tokyo (Kabuki-cho, the red-light district). One famous New Half bar in Osaka is called Betty's Mayonnaise; of all things!
In another new half bar the “Cinderella course” enables a customer to cross-dress in the club’s clothes and then go out on a date with one of the newhalf hostesses.
Trust the Japanese to go one step further!
And at a bar called Bar Malilin 2, you pay a set price for drinks and conversation with cute ladyboy hosts.
However, for gentlemen that wouldn't like to travel that far, take a peek at a new pay site dedicated to them http://www.shemales-japan.com/ Incidentally the video above is about the site.
Cheers all.


Anonymous said...

Juz dropping by to say hi!


Keep up the good work rick...


- Fatguy from SBF.

Anonymous said...

hi good luck

Anonymous said...

hi dear my question if a female interested in ladyboys,does that mean she is a lesbian? thanks.

Anonymous said...

Just a comment on Japanese shemales...they are probably the most feminine of all, but not as pretty as Thai or Philipino (which are the best. I tried a few last year in Tokyo, and dick size was an issue frankly...or lack thereof. But most has great tits and some have silicon asses...so plenty of fun there.

Jill said...

She's hot! Any Korean ones? ;)