11 October 2008

Post op ladyboys and sex - do they enjoy it?

In a rather late reply to a question I've had, I'm going to attempt an answer to the question of whether a post-op ladyboy can enjoy sex after the operation i.e. have an organism.
Initially, after talking to a few ladyboys and my own opinion, the answer was no. How could it be? Basically, the penis is sort of turned inside out and the essential thing for producing sperm, to be crude, the balls, are removed.
But apparently, some sex change doctors in Thailand are able to do so.
According to a BM in a noted forum "the best SRS doctors can maintain orgasmic capability and sometimes even create a self lubricating vagina."
I thought that was simply amazing. Where they get the fluid from is what I'm wondering.
The second question was - can one get a barely treatable ailment from having sex with a ladyboy and is the condom the only prevention?
A definite Yes for the first part of the question. Don't ever be under the illusion that having sex with a ladyboy is safe. As far as I know, there are no obligatory tests that any ladyboy in the entire South East Asia has to go for. (Aside for the post ops in Singapore's legal part of Desker Road). So unless you wish to die a slow, painful death always use a condom! And yes apart from abstinence there is no other way aside from a condom to have safe sex. Even then it isn't considered to be 100% safe by some.
Cheers all, and I hope I've answered your question, Kevin.


liisawinklergirl said...

well the thing with the postop-obtaining-pleasure from sexual activity will always remain a big question mark for me...

as i am a preop TS myself I have always been a firm advocate of experience as the best gage to any question I have ever asked, so the best way to answer your question is to experience the postop surgery myself...and that is never bound to happen as I have been happy as a preop girl myself...and so that question indeed will have to remain in the gray area of the ts world i believe...:)

Anonymous said...

dr great blog! Quick question for you - are all the LBs in Romeos post op? (that is my experience there)