08 November 2008

Ladyboy Privacy

I've been often asked for the whereabouts or contact numbers of ladyboys, especially those "on the job". At times, I've provided details when I'm 100% sure the ladyboy concerned doesn't mind. On other occasions I've merely directed them to their website or just kept quiet.
Is this being anti-social? From the punters (customers) point of view, probably yes. Most of us want information fast and don't want the bother of running through endless ads in say, vicesisters for example.
On the other hand, spare a thought for the ladyboys. Like everybody else, they've got their ups and downs and there are times when the last thing they want is undue attention.
Many people have also asked where the ladyboys stay when they come to Singapore. I never give a specific location - simply because of the same reason; they do need their privacy and even more so with ladyboys who can be very shy in broad daylight.
And that is one reason you tend to see ladyboys mainly at nights - deep down many (not all) are quite introverted and can be very withdrawn.
Cheers all. Comments anybody?


liisawinklergirl said...

well rick this indicates your humanity when it comes to dealing with the so called 'punters'...somehow despite the fact that WORKING Ladyboys and everything they do is a transaction and business-like somehow you see a more humane side to them and this is a positive personal trait of yours which has drawn many ladyboys to your circle of friends...kudos to you of genuine intent!!!

Anonymous said...

I must say I agree with liisawinklegirl about Dick Rick's personality. I have known him personally for several years now and I find that he will share contacts with you if he finds that you are a genuine friend and not there to exploit his friendship.

Anonymous said...

brudder dickrick,

you know where got LB in makati phillippines area? you got sum infomation on that area and LBs? Thanks you!