20 November 2008

Orchard Towers again

Orchard Towers in Singapore is one place that's difficult not to visit for a ladyboy lover. It's the location where you can come into contact with some lovely ladyboys, especially in and around the 2 bars; Club Romeo and Crazy Horse.
An example would be this well endowed ladyboy in the picture who works out of Romeos. She goes by the name of Som, she's Thai, 1.7m height and has a fabulous body to die for. Quite slim, fine C cup breasts and a nice "bubble" butt and active tongue. She's a pre-op and has quite a handsome tool (almost 6") for those into it.
But I digress, most nights ladyboys on the 3rd and 4th floor exceed thirty in number and come in almost all shapes and sizes. But do be cautious, as these are a pretty sharp street wise bunch and certainly know how to entice. I've seen many guys being stung by some outrageous prices some charge which incidentally, are from S$150 to S$250 for 2 hours of action.
And lastly , my sincere thanks to Liisa Winkler and 2wayStreet for your kind comments. I've always believed in sharing information, no man is an island. Cheers All.

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