21 December 2008


Another angle to the ladyboy/shemale mystic are crossdressers.
Crossdressers (i.e.M2F) are supposed to be guys who like to use women's clothing. Most of them are closet crossdressers, i.e. they wouldn't be seen dead in their ladies attire outside of their homes. It seems that they are content with being men and are still attracted to ladies and wouldn't consider going for any form of sexual realignment e.g. breast enhancements or hormone intake.
But as far as we ladyboy enthusiasts are concerned there are a number who harbour thoughts of being with a man and wouldn't dream of asking for a dime. There is a catch, however! They're usually not very feminine looking.
Body hair is sometimes seen and their total look, makeup, dressing etc. is usually not really there.
Of course, like everything there are exceptions such as this Japanese crossdresser in the photo above. So just for the sake of variety, it might be worth the while to lookup a few. The established site U R not alone lists a good number of crossdressers in most countries. However, remember that not all want to be seen, let alone spend a night with anyone, except by other crossdressers. So do proceed in an unrushed way.
The attractive crossdresser pictured is Kyoko Matsushita

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